Disclaimer - AET Lézaud GmbH

1) Editor of the Site

This site accessible to the address www.lezaud.com  has for goal to give information on the Group Lézaud.

With "Group Lézaud"  are intended the both companies :

  • Lézaud & Co GmbH  Fluid and Seal Technologies 

responsible for the development and manufacturing of elastomer products


  • AET Lézaud GmbH Advanced Elastomers and Thermoplastics
    distributor of the products of  Lézaud & Co GmbH

with headquarters at the same address : Alsbachstraße 8,  D- 66646 Marpingen (Germany)

This site is designed from the company Lézaud & Co GmbH.

Headquarters : Alsbachstraße 8,  D- 66646 Marpingen (Allemagne).
Telephone: +49 6853 9132-0
Commercial register:  St. Wendel  HRB 100 678

Author of the publication: Raymond Lézaud, Director of the communication.

2) Responsibility

The company Lézaud & Co GmbH owner of this site has a permanent endeavour to assure the reliability of all information given in this site at the time of the upload and her availability.

The company Lézaud & Co GmbH reserves the right to modify or to correct the content of the information and documents published on this site at all time an without separate announcement.

The company Lézaud & Co GmbH (and all other company of the Group Lézaud) can not to be responsible for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided or for the technical problems meet on the site and on all other sites to which links are built, or for all interpretation of those information published on these sites and the issues of their using.

In a general way the company Lézaud & Co GmbH GmbH (and all other company of the Group Lézaud) rejects all responsibility for direct or indirect damages, whatever would be the cause, origin, nature or issue caused by mean of the access of anyone to the site or the impossibility to access to it, as well as the use of the site and/or any information coming directly or indirectly from the latter.

3) Intellectual ownership – Copyright

Except if contrary indicated, the rights of intellectual ownership of the documents exposed on the site and all the elements created for this site are the exclusive ownership of the company Lézaud & Co GmbH and/or other company(ies) of the Group Lézaud; it is granted no licence, only the right to consult the site. Duplication of documents published on the site (such as images, films, videos, diagrams, sounds, animations) is allowed only and exclusively for personal information and private use; all duplication or use of copy for other purposes is not permitted. The company names, logos, products, trademarks and names of domains mentioned in the site are the ownership of Lézaud & Co GmbH and/or other company(ies) of the Group Lézaud, and cannot be used  without the agreement of the concerned company.

4) Cookies

The company Lézaud & Co GmbH can get the possibility to use cookies for purposes of statistical analysis and measures of sitting or staying times on the site. The information transmitted from the cookies is used neither for an individual nor for a commercial purpose.

If you want not that we use cookies, you can consequently organize your browser to block cookies.

Though the deactivation of cookies may be prevent the use of some functions of the site.

You have also the possibility to remove our cookies from your computer.

5) Hyperlinks

Except with previous authorization in writing from the company Lézaud & Co GmbH all links from third parties are forbidden:

  • to our home page
  • to anyone page of our internet site
  • to a document on our site

Request for authorization are to be addressed to the Director of the publication of this site

For all direct or indirect connections or referrals to foreign sites (hyperlinks), which are outside the field of responsibility of the author, the latter can only be responsible in the case he has full knowledge of illegal contents and if he has the technical possibility to prevent the use. The author declares expressly that at the moment of the setting of the link no illegal content was appearing on the linked site and that he has no influence on the actual or future designing and on the content or on the intellectual ownership concerning the linked site. It is the reason why he takes expressly distance of all contents of sites, which have been modified after the setting of the links. Only the author of the linked site is responsible for illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and particularly for damages resulting of the use or the non-use of such an information and not the one who by mean of a link indicates only the publication of the information.  

6) Gathered data on the site

Each visitor of this site who provides information to the company Lézaud & Co GmbH grants to her the totality of the transferable rights concerning this information and agrees the use it may please to make to her. The information thereby given from the visitor will be considered as non confidential, must be exact and legal and must not hurt the interest of third parties.

Concerning more specifically the personal data gathered on the site the visitors get the information of the fact that on the site several processes are set up and have the purpose to assure a good communication and an information exchange with the visitors.

These processes allow in particular:

  • to answer to the request of the visitor (contact form)
  • to send to the visitor the documents he has asked
  • to send to the visitor information on the activities and products of the companies of the Group, unless he has refused expressly 

These gathered data:

  • could only come from an intentional request from the visitors
  • are only for an intern use and are destined to the persons liable for the treatment of the request of the visitor
  • are keep only during the time necessary to reach the goals defined above

Each person who wants to carry out her rights of access, of rectification or opposition may contact: 

Lézaud & Co GmbH - Direction of the communication
Feldstraße 21,  D- 66646 Marpingen (Germany).
Téléfax : +49 6853 913223  E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Vorteile der AET Lezaud GmbH

Beratung – Service – Schnelle Lieferung

Langjährige Erfahrungen in der Anwendung von Gummi und Elastomeren

ermöglichen uns, unseren Kunden eine kompetente Beratung anzubieten.

Kundenspezifische Lösungen

können wir mit unseren ausgewählten Partnern entwickeln.

Wir halten über 95 % aller Artikel unserer Preisliste vorrätig,

um eine schnelle Lieferung an unsere Kunden zu gewährleisten.

Schnelle Lieferungen garantiert: mit Paketdienst.

Im Allgemeinen innerhalb von 24 Stunden in Süd-, West- und Mitteldeutschland und innerhalb von 48 Stunden in Nord- und Ostdeutschland.